Welcome. Meet. The world of Sleena!


Sleena is an advanced building production system – innovative, modular, flexible and highly efficient.

THE VISION – Resource the latest technology and high efficiency of the manufacturing industry to the design and production of buildings in order to meet the sector’s greatest needs.

Sleena is a revolutionary and innovative solution that aims to increase the sector’s productivity, reduce the carbon emissions of the construction process, reduce the dependence on labor and facilitate accessibility to housing.

The system consists of prefabricated modular components, industrially produced on autonomous and highly efficient production lines, which allow the assembly of exterior walls and vertical structural elements.

The panels are manufactured with exterior and interior prefinished surfaces, drastically reducing total finishing time and cost.

The geometry of the components was developed in order to allow the simple and quick integration of voided concrete slabs and efficient compatibility with all networks and systems.

The panels include technical voids to simplify the fitting of networks, smart control and monitoring systems, advanced energy production components and water reuse systems.

Get to know Sleena at https://sleena-tech.com.

Chief engineer: Nuno Oliveira Ferreira

Chief scientist: Nelson Bento Pereira