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The objective is to digitalize the real estate transaction process.

Traditional real estate agencies spend most of their time looking for new clients. This platform eliminates that need and allows us to work more effectively in selling. As a result, we can charge a lower commission, and consequently generate a refund to the client on each transaction.

The buyer’s real estate agent usually receives about 2.5% of the sale price of a property, as a commission, directly from the seller, or through the seller’s agent. HouseFind offers half of this commission to the buyer client. The refund is dependent on a minimum commission of EUR 3,000.

An agent will be assigned as soon as the buying client intends to make an offer. If you wish to use the HouseFind service, and receive the 50% refund, you will need to ensure that you are not working with other agents in order to avoid future conflicts.

HouseFind uses the collection and processing of financial and spatial distribution data of the properties in order to better adapt the property to the buyer, and simplifying the transaction procedure.

The project consisted in the development of the technological base that supports the platform’s operation.

The scientific/technological basis of the project is based in the development of models, algorithms and logical structures for the collection, sorting and application of structured data.


Chief engineer: Nelson Bento Pereira