About. Meet. BAYA.concept!

The big disruptor

Patentable technology [houseFIT] enables anyone to freely design and order their dream home, ensuring a high quality product at market prices, while providing a completely fresh user experience.


democratization and globalization of housing construction – a new and unique user experience

value proposition

The customer is in control – no dependence on designers or contractors, with freedom to choose the specs of his dream home

Efficiency and reliability of deadlines, costs and quality

Enables functional and aesthetic adaptability throughout the home’s lifecycle

Low environmental impact

Healthy home – use of non-toxic materials

High-quality and unique design houses by mixing a range of little over 300 SKU’s

the technology

complete and proprietary closed system

small lightweight components – no cranes needed

automated offshored production

high performance

small carbon footprint

no mortars – zero cement

disassemblable finishes – infinite adaptability


Chief scientist: Nelson Bento Pereira

Chief engineer: Nuno Oliveira Ferreira